Early praise from Leaders and Participants for Doors of Mercy….

We just finished our first session and from the mouths of all the attendees… Doors of Mercy is AMAZING! We’re so pleased! We really like the commentary, and all the presenters were very good, especially Fr. Kirby. We can read books and scripture, but Fr. Kirby made the study come alive and really impacted us.

— Deacon John McCourt, Study Leader, Queen of the Holy Rosary, LaGrange, TX

I’ve been doing Bible Studies for over 30 years and by far, Doors of Mercy is the best Study that I’ve ever attended. I was taken by the beauty of the artwork and equally impressed with the Study Guide. I love the video and then work in the book to solidify my thoughts and strengthen my desire to give and obtain mercy. I love the program and I'm looking forward to the next session!

— Gloria B., Participant, Nativity of Our Lady, New Iberia, LA

As a leader, I am thrilled with the Doors of Mercy study. I had to order extra Study Guides for the additional people who showed up. Fr. Kirby's enthusiasm is contagious! The other presenters are interesting and challenging. The program is just great! 

— Ellen C., Program Leader, Nativity of Our Lady, New Iberia, LA

I attended the Doors of Mercy weekend retreat. I really liked it. It really is a "door opener" and wish we could have spent even more time.  The program was very awe inspiring. I would rate it a 10 out of 10 and would recommend it to anyone.

-- Francis C. , age 17, Youth for Christ (CFC), Nashville, TN

Doors of Mercy