Table of Contents

Session 1
Setting the stage for God’s Plan of Mercy

Adam and Eve: Promise
After the Fall, God promises a Savior

Session 2
Noah: Restoration
God must cleanse the world and begin anew

Session 3
Abraham: Faith
God chooses a faithful man to be the father of His people

Session 4
Moses: Inheritance
God guides His people back to the Promised Land

Session 5
David: Dynasty
Through a shepherd boy God establishes the blueprint for His Kingdom

Session 6
The Prophets: Renewal
God calls the prophets to bring His people back to Him

Session 7
Jesus: Salvation
God’s covenant is fulfilled and the promise realized in the coming of the Savior

Session 8
St. Faustina: Divine Mercy
God’s message to a simple nun of His deep desire to give us all His mercy

Divine Mercy Bonus Material 
What is Divine Mercy? Forms of the Devotion. About Saint Faustina 


Doors of Mercy