Welcome to Doors of Mercy Streaming Video!

Receive your Group's streaming Access Code from your Group Leader. If your group is private (not open to the public), your Leader will give you your Group Name from the Group registration form. Enter both of those.

Streaming video for Doors of Mercy is coming January 2016!

•   Group Leaders
•   Group Participants
•   Steps for Assistance

    Group Leaders

Group Leaders can access and provide Streaming video for the leadership team and the participants.

Streaming is helpful for:

1)     Multiple Leaders to prepare for the next lesson in advance with any internet connection.

2)     Participants to watch video sessions they missed.

3)     Parishioners who are unable to participate in the group, due to illness, travel, work or life demands but want to be part of the group virtually. They can obtain a copy of the Study Guide, register for the study and unite themselves in prayer with their parish group. 

Group Leaders, you will find your easy-to-follow streaming instructions and Access Code in your Leader Pack. Even if you’ve never streamed video before, no worries! You’ll find it quick and easy to get started. If you have a good internet connection, you can stream video.

Your purchase of the Leader Pack includes the streaming video license for your group. This is the way to obtain streaming video. To register your Group for streaming, simply follow the instructions found in your Doors of Mercy Leader Pack. Once your Group is registered, you can share the Access Code with your Group Members.

The purchase of your streaming video license extends only to you, your group leaders and your registered group participants and therefore access cannot be ethically given to other groups or parishes. That would be like distributing the content in books or DVDs. We have intentionally priced this valuable service as low as possible to make your study experience as affordable as we can.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Thank you! 


  Group Participants

The Doors of Mercy program videos are available to Group Study participants via streaming at MercyStudy.com.

1.     Attend the group.
We encourage you to attend the group session whenever possible, as the discussion is beneficial. For some, it may be easier or feel more comfortable to stay home, but there are rich blessings when God’s people gather. Of course, we know that sometimes this isn’t possible, and streaming will allow you to participate in a spirit of unity and prayer with your ‘virtual’ Group.

2.     Register for the group program with your Leader, even if you can’t attend.

3.     Obtain your Study Guide from them or order directly from MercyStudy.com. The Group Leader does well to order the Groups’ Study Guides all together to reduce the cost. The Study Guide contains important content that is needed to complete the Program.

4.     Receive your Group's streaming Access Code from your Group Leader.

5.     As a Group Member, now register online for the streaming service using the unique Group Access Code provided to you.

6.     Once registered, all Doors of Mercy streaming videos will be available at any time upon login to MercyStudy.com.

Enjoy your Doors of Mercy program!  

   Steps for Assistance

If you have trouble accessing the streaming videos, follow these steps:

1.     Check that you are entering your Group Access Code correctly.

2.     Check with your Group Leader that your Group has been properly registered for streaming. Until they register the group, you cannot access the videos.

3.     If you are still unable to access your videos, please email us at CustomerService@SaintBenedictPress.com so we can assist you with the registration process. 

Doors of Mercy