Step-by-Step Streaming Instructions

Register your Group Study (Leaders)

Your Group Streaming Video License is limited to your registered group participants only, and is not transferable to other groups, parishes, or entities. Thank you for your integrity and cooperation..

1.  Register Here and follow the simple instructions to create your Group Account (one account per Leader Pack).
2.  Enter the Video Access Code to register the group
3.  Distribute the Video Access Code to your Registered Group Participants, using the customizable Participant Streaming Instruction form Here
You and your participants will each create separate Participant Streaming Accounts to access streaming—see below.

To Register for Streaming (Leaders and Participants)

1.  First register Here.
2.  If your group is Public, find and select your Group Name from the drop-down menu. If your group is Private, enter your Group Name exactly as it appears.
3.  Enter your group’s Video Access Code, make sure you have filled out all required fields, and click “Submit.” You are now registered for Streaming.

Best Practice: Have the Class Administrator or Small Group Leaders create a new Participant Account for each member  (“To Register for Streaming”). If an account exists already, the participants may register themselves with their existing password.

To Login and access the Videos (Leaders and Participants) 

1.  Login in Here
2.  Hover over the “Streaming” button at the top, then select your Study from the drop-down menu (Doors of Mercy, Luke, etc.).
3.  Click on the Video that you’d like to watch, then click “Please Login.”
4.  Enter your email and password, then click the blue Login button. You are now signed in, and may watch any Video.

Doors of Mercy