Find resources here for easy planning and successfully engage more people to join an impactful program. In this Jubilee Year the whole Church is focusing on Mercy. Doors of Mercy will prepare your parish for the graces of this special time.  How many of your parishioners will walk through Doors of Mercy this year? 10%? 20%? What if it were 50%..or more?  Below we’ve provided some important resources that will help you launch Doors of Mercy in your parish, and build participation for a very impactful program for this Extraordinary Jubilee Year.

Information Session Outline

•  My Mercy Checklist

Team Roles   There are many ways to help open Doors of Mercy in your parish. See how you can assist in a successful Doors of Mercy program.

Registration Form  Use the registration form linked here to register participants and engage their help.  Just type in your parish information in the editable fields before printing and distributing the registration form.

•  Parish Poster (11 x 17 full color) Use this poster to announce the program sessions in the narthex, parish office, church doors, etc. This poster can be easily customized with your parish information.

•  Invitation Card (2 sided full color 5 ½ x 8 ½ card) –  A pdf can be printed here or purchased in bundles of 50.
Use these as pew cards during weekend masses. Hand them out as people leave mass. Provide for parishioners to distribute to their friends and family. One side invites parishioners to the program. The back lists Roles for the Core Team and invites their leadership or help with running the program

•  Bulletin and Pulpit Announcement 

•  Schedule Suggestions

Plan and Promote


Doors of Mercy