What Doors of Mercy offers Participants:

•  Experience a closer relationship with God and fellow parishioners
•  Explore how God shows mercy to His people – from Adam and Eve to the Israelites to the early Christians to the faithful today
•  Learn about the five great Covenants of the Bible
•  Discover how Christ threw open the Doors of Mercy on the Cross
•  Understand how the Sacraments are “Doors of Mercy” – and how to make them effective in your life
•  Explore God’s revelations to St. Faustina and the Divine Mercy devotion
•  Discover why this period in history is a special (and limited) “time of Mercy”
•  Learn how we can open ourselves to God’s mercy (and how we can block it)
•  Learn how to be a door of mercy to others – colleagues, family, and friends
•  Prepare to receive the graces of this Extraordinary Jubilee Year
•  Create an action plan to bring mercy to others each week


Doors of Mercy