Doors of Mercy: Exploring God’s Covenant with You
 is an 8-week journey through salvation history, from God’s merciful promises to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David, to the prophets’ call to renewal, to the fulfillment of God’s promises in Christ.

Fr. Jeffrey Kirby will guide group members through God’s covenant with his people, by explaining the events of the Bible and showing how God pours out his mercy even after they stray from Him again and again.

Each weekly session is capped by insights from various Catholic authors, speakers, and clergy, which demonstrate the power of Divine Mercy in the world today, inspiring you to seek God’s mercy and to foster a closer relationship with Christ.

During this Jubilee Year of Mercy, explore how God makes His Mercy present to you, in ordinary – and extraordinary – ways. Walk through the Doors of Mercy. Your life will never be the same.

• Parish-wide Initiative
This program is designed for the whole parish. It’s broad appeal, accessible and pastoral.

• Foundational content paired with Life Application
Learn more, apply it to your life and create an Action Plan

• Comprehensive Catholic teaching
Learn from Scripture, the Catechism, saints and papal writings

Helpful tools to build group attendance easily
Banners, customized posters, flyers, Invitation cards (for pew or many uses), and more.

• Detailed Leader Guide with clear, easy instructions helps a new or veteran Leader to form an effective Core Team and lead an impactful session.

          • The Time for Mercy is Now

Pilot Program Participants are saying…

"Experiencing Doors of Mercy forced me to think about my relationships with my wife and children, and how I can reflect God’s mercy to them more."

"As someone who doesn’t usually attend parish programs, Doors of Mercy helped me to think about things in a different light. This will lead people to salvation."

"After going through Doors of Mercy, I felt a real call to action to move forward with specific things in my life that I haven’t addressed in a long time."

"Doors of Mercy reminded me that the first covenant with us was God’s eternal love for us."

Doors of Mercy